RWA Inc. is pioneering fractional assets in web3 through the world's first end-to-end ecosystem

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The RWA launchpad is utilizing the latest web3 technology to launch fractional assets on the blockchain. During all launches, investors get the opportunity to buy assets at a locked discounted price before they become available in the public market.

The RWA launchpad provides a space for the early investors to potentially gain significantly higher ROI options and for the issuers to attract liquidity quickly by crowdfunding through RWA's large network of investors. All this is possible, because of RWA Inc.'s well established regulation and trading licenses making us

The Real World Asset Launchpad


RWA uses blockchain technology to tokenize fractional assets and bring them to web3. Unlike traditional fractional assets, tokenized assets overcome liquidity problems, because they have access to on chain liquidity.

RWA is building an on chain marketplace to further facilitate the liquidity for tokenized fractional assets. Additionally, the RWA marketplace will have some of the biggest and most liquid tokens like: USDT, USDC alongside the RWA token to ensure strong liquidity on our tokenized fractional asset marketplace. With the strong regulation and trading license backing, RWA will be the first ever Real World Asset Marketplace.

$RWA Token

The $RWA token, is the bloodstream of the RWA ecosystem. Issuers gain special discounts for the tokenization services, launchpad and marketplace by holding & staking the $RWA token. Investors gain special discounts for the investments into Real World Assets, through both the launchpad & marketplace by holding the $RWA token.

The ecosystem also provides a strong integration with the $RWA token. The tokenization fee of 1.5%, trading fee of 0.85% and liquidation fee of 0.85% all directly impact the token value, as 50% of all fees are directly burned in the total available token holding.

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Immutable Ledger

RWA Inc. is the first decentralized launchpad and centralized marketplace for Real World Assets that truly leverages blockchain technology and web3 to solve a real world issue. RWA is using the immutable ledger offered by the blockchain to significantly improve the records and transfers of fractional assets.

In the traditional world, it would require a very expensive enterprise resource planning system but with blockchain we can utilize this without any costs, optimizing the experience for the issuers and investors.

How it works

Streamlined Access

Seamless on-ramping through our partnered crypto exchange networks

Flexible Tokenization

Use our launchpad to tokenize your project on your preferred blockchain

Marketplace Liquidity

Straightforward access to liquidity and trading options

Authenticated Security

Assets secured with verifiable proof of authentication certificates


Empowering global investment opportunities for everyone - everywhere!

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