May 7, 2024

RWA Inc. Partners with MANTRA to Build a Better Tokenized Economy


RWA Inc., the fastest-growing tokenization community globally, just upped the ante after revealing a strategic partnership with layer 1 blockchain MANTRA this week. The new partnership ushers in a new era of convenience and security for those seeking to leverage tokenization strategies.

Here’s what you need to know:

Partnerships Driving Tokenization Adoption

This partnership helps to bring together two of the most reputable tokenization protocols in operation. This melding of these communities drives innovation and pushes liquidity to new heights. Notably, both parties focus on regulatory compliance, which adds to their value and helps to place pro-crypto voices where they can help influence future market legislation.

Regulated Tokenized Assets

There are many reasons why regulated tokenized assets change everything. For years, the tokenization movement stalled due to its inability to provide investors with legal protection from regulatory biteback at a later date. Nobody wants to tokenize a $30M USD building, sell it and then face legal troubles.

Providing a regulated and trusted platform to accomplish advanced tokenization of real world assets remains a prime concern for traders and investors alike. RWA Inc. has multiple licenses and is fully regulated out of the UAE. This approach means, that enterprise-level investors can tokenize portfolios and much more.

RWA Inc. Driving Innovation

RWA Inc. combines a host of helpful features and services, that make tokenization easier. The user interface enables you to mint, monitor and trade tokenized real world assets safely. Additionally, the developers made sure to simplify the onboarding process which has paid off greatly, as there’s a steady stream of new users entering the RWA Inc. community weekly.


The RWA Inc. Launchpad plays a crucial role in empowering startups to achieve their goals. The launchpad is open to tokenization projects seeking to create a synergistic movement alongside RWA Inc.’s community. It’s easy, open and can generate lots of funding for startups in need. As such, the Launchpad is a crucial component of the RWA Inc. economy.


MANTRA is one of the first blockchains to focus primarily on tokenized assets. The network provides a host of features designed to help users tokenize and understand the nuances of these assets better.

Additionally, MANTRA leverages the Cosmos SDK to secure compatibility and stability.

MANTRA is one of only a few options today, that offers tokenization services with enforceable legal compliance. It’s fast and can support a lot of users, making it a great option for the tokenized sector. Already, there are DEXs and other platforms that leverage MANTRA’s reliable infrastructure to enhance their offerings.

MANTRA Features

MANTRA is packed with features that make it stand out. The network’s modular structure combined with the integration of the Cosmos Hub provides secure interoperability on a new level. Here are some of the coolest features MANTRA offers.


MANTRA Assets are a core offering that provides many benefits. This feature enables anyone to tokenize and create assets in minutes with customizable characteristics. The interface streamlines tracking analytics, ownership history, setting permissions and automating transactions.

MANTRA Compliance

MANTRA’s development team integrated compliance mechanisms directly into the network’s modular tech stack infrastructure. This decision enables it to provide developers with a streamlined way to create regulatory-compliant digital assets.

Major Moves in the Tokenization Market

According to company documents, RWA Inc. and MANTRA will work together with Inter-M Traders to tokenize billions in assets held on the firm’s books. This news is sure to help build momentum and highlight the benefits offered by RWA Inc. and MANTRA Chain.

Help Build a Better Economy

Those seeking to take their blockchain strategy up a notch and do their part to drive adoption should pay attention to the RWA Inc. ecosystem. This latest partnership aligns two powerhouses in the industry and creates more momentum and potential for new users.

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