May 7, 2024

RWA Inc. Partners with Kima Network to Bring Tokenized Assets to the Masses


Leading tokenization protocol RWA Inc. announced a strategic partnership with the popular asset-agnostic, decentralized settlement protocol, Kima today. The maneuver seeks to advance tokenization protocols via expanding accessibility and interoperability within existing and new infrastructures.

Kima’s advanced networking solutions will enhance RWA Inc.’s offerings and enable more users to take advantage of their services. Specifically, Kima’s advanced features will work within the RWA Inc. launchpad and marketplace to help improve liquidity and streamline interchain operations.

These advancements will improve the UX and help to drive more users to the platform.

Tokenization on a New Level

RWA Inc. is the premier tokenization ecosystem in the market. This next-gen blockchain protocol enables anyone to transform real world items into blockchain assets with ease. This partnership enables users to enjoy streamlined asset transfer, easy storage and advanced validation and authentication processes.

RWA Inc. is the first licensed and regulated tokenization protocol to hit the market. As such, it’s positioned to become a pioneering force in the market moving forward. The RWA Inc. network has +40 projects in the tokenization funnel. Additionally, it has secured support from +3k international investors.

Impressively, all of these milestones were achieved prior to a token launch.

RWA Inc. makes tokenization easier than ever. The platform combines an intuitive interface with smart contract automation to lower the entry bar and reduce technical barriers. Additionally, the network’s adherence to strict regulatory guidelines makes it the ideal solution for a variety of problems faced in today’s market.

A New Horizon

RWA Inc. will leverage Kima’s capabilities, while providing its users access to the protocol’s helpful features. This synergistic relationship will drive momentum and innovation in the RWA Inc. community. Together, RWA Inc. and Kima seek to reinvigorate the digital economy and open doors of opportunity for millions.

About RWA Inc.

RWA Inc. is an advanced tokenization ecosystem. It differs from competitors due to its regulatory compliance and unique features. RWA Inc. users enjoy more flexibility, transparency and opportunities thanks to the network’s innovative business model.

About Kima

Kima seeks to improve interoperability within crypto space. There are lots of tokens in operation but most operate as islands of data. Kima introduces a proprietary bridge protocol that enables these networks to communicate data and value seamlessly.

Tokenization on a New Level

This latest strategic partnership has the potential to take tokenization to new heights. Kima is an established blockchain community, that continues to expand its offerings and use cases.

Combining their efforts with the advanced RWA Inc. infrastructure leads to more ROI opportunities for all.

Stay tuned to learn more about how RWA Inc. seeks to transform the economy of tomorrow.

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