May 14, 2024

RWA Inc. Partners with Entangle to Bring Cross-Chain Tokenization


RWA Inc.’s goal to streamline tokenization and drive adoption to the masses took a significant step forward following the announcement of a strategic partnership with blockchain hub Entangle. The two will synergistically combine their efforts and community to advance tokenization tech.

Here’s what you need to know:

Interoperability is Needed

RWA Inc. remains a pioneering effort in the market that actively seeks out strategic partners that can enhance the user experience. The partnership with Entangle brings advanced tokenization strategies to a large community of decentralized networks. Now, anyone can create cross-chain compatible tokenized assets.

Interoperability brings several benefits to the tokenization sector. For one it helps deepen liquidity. Tokenized assets can be created, managed, validated and offered to a larger community of potential traders in this way. Additionally, it lowers costs and enables efficient international transfers.

RWA INC. is the Market Frontrunner

RWA Inc. continues to drive innovation in the market through its innovative features and dedication to an open and fair economy. The developers behind the project took great care in examining the roadblocks to adoption and tackling them where needed. The result of their efforts is an intuitive interface and combination of features that boost the decentralized economy.

Fully Licensed Tokenized Assets

One of the main roadblocks to large-scale adoption of tokenization processes is a need for legislative structure. Significant hedge funds and other enterprise-level clientele must know there won’t be regulatory bitebacks for tokenizing their assets. RWA Inc. tackled this problem head-on when it got fully licensed and registered in the EAU. As such, it now serves a crucial role as the premier onramp into the tokenized economy.

An Audience for Your RWAs

Tokenizing your real-world assets is only the first part of the equation. You also need a reliable and secure platform that lets you transparently offer your assets to the masses. The RWA Inc. Launchpad was built from day one to streamline trading tokenized assets and improve onboarding. As such, it’s an ideal solution for new and experienced users.


Entangle operates as a blockchain hub and DeFi ecosystem. The network enables users to transfer data, assets and smart contracts seamlessly, vitally driving liquidity and empowering developers.

Developers can leverage Entangle’s toolset and features to enhance the smart contract programming process. The trustless network was designed to support advanced DeFi, Fintech, and tokenization initiatives. As such, it has secured a reputation as a leading blockchain infrastructure and liquidity provider.

Entangle currently connects +16 blockchains via its secure bridge protocols. Notably, these networks include both EVM and non-EVM options. Additionally, the platform offers data feeds and liquidity pools as products.

Cross Chain Assets Shine

The idea of cross-chain tokenized assets has many in the market excited. Entangle’s technology, coupled with RWA Inc.s feature could be the spark that ignites the flames of large-scale adoption.

For now, this team is one to watch.

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