May 7, 2024

RWA Inc. Partners with Decubate to Raise 200K USD in the Public Round


In a significant stride towards amplifying its market presence and enhancing the $RWA token’s visibility, RWA Inc. is announcing a pivotal partnership with Decubate, a renowned Web3 service platform known for empowering blockchain projects with its comprehensive toolkit. This collaboration marks a new chapter for RWA Inc. aiming to secure $200K USD through a public round on Decubate’s launchpad.

Decubate stands at the forefront of Web3 innovations providing a robust platform, that simplifies the token launch and management process. Their expertise in hosting Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and their commitment to project success, make them an ideal partner for RWA Inc.’s next growth phase.

The union between RWA Inc. and Decubate is not just about fundraising; it’s a strategic alliance designed to leverage Decubate’s launchpad for enhancing the marketability and liquidity of the $RWA token. This initiative will bolster RWA Inc.’s marketing efforts and listing prospects paving the way for broader adoption and engagement within the blockchain community.

In conjunction with this partnership, RWA Inc. is thrilled to welcome Elliot Hagemeijer to its advisory board. With a rich background as CEO and Founder of Decubate, coupled with his experience at Octavia Labs, Chappyz, DexCheck and LitLab Games, Hagemeijer brings a wealth of knowledge in interaction design, product strategy and agile methodologies.

His expertise will undoubtedly be instrumental in guiding RWA Inc. through its expansion journey.

As RWA Inc. gears up to broaden its horizons through the Decubate partnership and the valued addition of Elliot Hagemeijer, the future looks promising for the $RWA token and its community. This move signals RWA Inc.’s dedication to innovation, growth and the democratization of asset ownership through blockchain technology.

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