May 7, 2024

RWA Inc. Partner with Patex


This week marks a major milestone for Latin America and the blockchain movement after tokenization pioneer RWA Inc. announced a strategic partnership with one of the premier L2 networks, Patex. Patex is a dominant L2 ecosystem and the only one specifically geared toward the Latin American region. As such, the partnership has the potential to drive blockchain adoption to new heights and improve market efficiency for billions.

Why Tokenization is on the Rise

Many factors have helped tokenization see rising adoption. Enhancements in the technology and UI of tokenization platforms have steadily improved the onboarding process. Now, you don’t need any technical skills to tokenize your assets which opens the door to a freer economy.

Meeting Licensing Requirements

It can be difficult to obtain a license for tokenized assets in many regions of the world. This added trouble means, that people are less likely to tokenize large assets like properties because they don’t want to face regulatory kickbacks at a later date. RWA Inc. solves this problem via its all-inclusive approach to the market.

RWA Inc. is the first fully licensed and registered tokenization protocol in the market. The developers went to great care to achieve this goal, opening the door for enterprise-level tokenization strategies. Their efforts also help set an example for other regulators seeking to support the decentralized economy in their regions.

The RWA Inc. Ecosystem

RWA Inc. streamlines the tokenization process in multiple ways. The network eliminates technical roadblocks to adoption and enables anyone to conduct fractional tokenization of real-world assets transparently and securely. This approach has helped the community secure billions in assets in its tokenization pipeline.


One of RWA Inc.’s best features is its asset Launchpad. The launchpad helps to concentrate liquidity within the market while empowering users to trade their assets on a market designed to support fractional ownership tokens and more. In this way, users can ensure their assets are tokenized securely.


Patex remains an innovative network due to its features and focus on Latin America. The protocol continues to see growing success due to its convenient and reliable L2 solutions. Users can leverage Patex to cut costs, improve scalability and add functionality to their network.

Notably, Patex was built to help support CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). As such, its network includes large financial institutions, banks and funds managers. This positioning provides Patex with excellent market penetration and secures its position as an influential option in the region.

C-Patex Exchange

At the heart of Patex’s growing community is the C-Patex Exchange. This CEX (Centralized Exchange) provides a host of features, that makes trading digital assets easy. As such, Patex is recognized, as a market leader, that provides fully regulated crypto trading to the region.

Notably, Patex seeks to become the premier launchpad for CBDCs (moving forward). As part of this approach, the platform combines advanced fourth-generation blockchain features with an educational twist.

The Tokenization Ship Takes Off

This strategic partnership has endless upend potential as Latina American is seen by many as one of the premier areas of growth within the blockchain sector. Patex’s positioning as a first mover in a region with +670M people and a $5.5T USD GDP, combined with RWA Inc.'s revolutionary features, is sure to help drive tokenization to new heights.

Join the RWA #tokenization community and do your part to create a more just an open economy.

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