July 2, 2024

RWA Inc. June Monthly Report: Getting Ready for the Official Launch

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Executive Summary

This month, RWA Inc. is thrilled to unveil our comprehensive go-to-market strategy, which aims to position us as a market leader. By leveraging blockchain technology, we strive to help middle-sized and large companies secure funding efficiently. Over the next 6 to 12 months, our services will be rolled out across various jurisdictions, guided by our newly appointed global head of sales.

Our primary focus on private equity will see us securing multiple clients ahead of our official launch, which will be timed to coincide with synchronized token releases. We have established partnerships with key infrastructure providers to support this strategy. 

Beyond token speculation, we are committed to delivering tangible products and services, with strategic buybacks and burns fostering a thriving token economy. With continuous client onboarding and operational professionals managing our growth, RWA Inc. is poised for a successful market entry, driven by an experienced leadership team with a proven track record in delivering significant contracts.

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and keeping our investors and retail investors informed about the latest news & updates around RWA Inc., we are launching our new Monthly Wrap-Up reports where you can get caught up on the latest that is going on internally. 

We have major developments ready to be announced in July so you’ll want to stay tuned.

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RWA Inc. Executive Team Update

In the month of June we have continued to bolster our core team by adding two integral C-Suite Executives. These members will be integral for building a robust infrastructure, defining strategy and leading their respective departments within Financial/Legal and Marketing. 

August Dinger (CFO)

A seasoned financial expert, AJ brings many years of Web2 and Web3 experience, and a vast network to lead RWA Inc. forward. This addition to the team will be key for RWA Inc.'s success in the future as a leading Real World Asset ecosystem platform.

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Peter Nguyen (CMO)

Peter Nguyen is a marketing professional with a cumulative 15 years of experience across various industries including finance, technology, public policy, transportation, blockchain, and Web3. He brings a unique blend of traditional marketing skills and blockchain expertise to the table, and has a unique proclivity in identifying and leveraging emerging trends.

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Global Head of Sales

We're seeking an experienced Global Head of Sales to lead our team and drive global expansion. The ideal candidate will have a proven sales leadership record in fintech or blockchain, crucial for achieving our growth targets.

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Operational Updates

Securing the RWA Brand Identity - Strengthening Legal Protection and Market Presence

The iconic RWA Inc. logo, featuring the distinctive brushed R insignia, has been successfully trademarked. This milestone, achieved through the dedicated efforts of the RWA Inc. community, significantly enhances the brand's recognition and legal protection. Securing the trademark strengthens RWA Inc.'s ability to expand its presence and influence within the economy. This achievement aligns with the launch of a new marketing campaign and the appointment of a Chief Marketing Officer, positioning RWA Inc. for further growth and increased market visibility.

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Tokenomics Update - Enhancing Participation and Market Impact

This month, the team made significant upgrades to RWA Inc.'s tokenomics. Notably, the market cap for the token launch was reduced from 590K to 352K. This strategic adjustment allows for increased participation, raising awareness and engagement with our tokenization strategies. These enhancements are designed to foster a more inclusive ecosystem, supporting RWA Inc.'s mission to broaden its market presence and impact.

Tokenomics Documentation

RWA Inc. Audit Update - Enhancing Security to Ensure Safety Prelaunch

We are pleased to announce the completion of our second audit, conducted by Hacken. This rigorous evaluation found zero issues, resulting in a perfect score. The flawless audit underscores our unwavering commitment to security and reliability as we prepare for our upcoming launch. Ensuring top-notch security remains a cornerstone of our strategy to protect our stakeholders and foster trust in our platform.

Official Audit

About Hacken - Setting New Standards in Web3 Security
Hacken's mission is to make Web3 a safer place. Since its founding in 2017 in Kyiv, Hacken has become a trusted security partner for leading Web3 players, protecting over 1,000 clients with more than 1,500 completed audits. Beyond asset protection, Hacken aims to eliminate scams and hacks from the Web3 ecosystem by promoting ethical business practices and upholding a strong reputation. Key milestones include the launch of HackenProof in 2018, partnerships with CoinGecko in 2020, and the introduction of the CER 2.0 rating in 2022. In 2023, Hacken conducted its first Proof of Reserves and Tokenomics Audits. As a member of top industry organizations and a frequent feature in leading media outlets, Hacken continues to be a key player in Web3 security.

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Marketing Updates

WIth Peter Nguyen joining the team as the CMO in June, there are operational processes streamlined within the Marketing Department with efficiency as the core design. The original content layer has been refined for RWA Inc’s go-to-market strategy with a major focus on branding, key messaging, narrative and community building. We are finalizing the agreement for several different service providers which will work closely alongside the RWA Inc. Marketing Department as part of the ongoing initiative to increase social activity across all RWA Inc social channels. You can expect a dramatic increase in marketing output in July as we move closer to the public listing and we are excited to unveil what we have been working on. 

Key Community Events:

RWA Inc. Partnership Overview


Category: L1 Blockchain5ire is a full programmable and DeFi blockchain ecosystem that focuses on sustainability. The project’s developers seek to power the 5th industrial revolution where AI and robotics work to make humanity better. To accomplish this task they have integrated advanced and highly sustainable tech that incentivizes users in multiple ways.

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Category: InfrastructureThe Stasis Network is an interoperability platform that seeks to bridge the traditional financial system and web3 protocols. This innovative network provides various web3 tools that empower institutions to integrate blockchain assets into their business models. Notably, the network offers these services in compliance with MiCA regulations.

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Category: L1 Blockchain

Nexis Network is a fully programmable DeFi capable AI blockchain ecosystem. It was designed to reduce many of the core issues faced in the AI industry today. As such, AI data, models, services and more, making it a crucial player in helping to organize and drive innovation.

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Category: DeFi

Contrax Finance is a fourth-generation Dapp that streamlines DeFi functions such as staking and farming. The platform was built from day one to eliminate technical barriers to adoption. As such, it’s simple to create a non-custodial wallet, manage your assets and secure passive returns.

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Category: L1 Blockchain

Nibiru’s user-friendly smart contract programming options will enhance the RWA ecosystem, making it easier for more people to join the market. Nibiru, an IBC blockchain, supports all the latest DeFi features and will soon be EVM-compatible by the end of Q3'24.

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Category: Infrastructure

Aggregata is a pioneering effort to help organize and drive innovation in the AI sector. The platform leverages advanced blockchain strategies to provide the AI community with a robust, secure, and P2P AI market solution. Here users can find models, algorithms, data, and much more.

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Category: SocialFi

GoAction is an innovative M2E project that combines NFTs, health, and blockchain tech, enabling users to secure rewards for staying in shape. GoAction empowers those seeking health by providing incentives for cycling and walking while logged in.

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Category: Marketplace

HyperGPT provides advanced AI solutions via a variety of helpful services and features. The AI ecosystem includes a P2P marketplace, developer tools, and white-label options. These features have made HyperGPT a strong contender in the Web3 AI space.

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Category: InfrastructureONINO is a fourth-generation programmable blockchain network designed to cater to the needs of enterprise-level clientele. As such, it provides a host of blockchain features that make it stand out amongst the competition including the ability to tokenize assets, value streams, and more, creating more opportunities.

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What’s Coming Next

As we ramp up towards Q3, the next several months will be a very critical production and development time for RWA Inc. Here are several major items you can expect to see in the month of July:

  • Executive Team Update: CTO
  • Core Team Announcement: Head of Ecosystem
  • Updated Roadmap
  • Public Sale Details
  • Product MVP Update
  • July Event Announcement 
  • Website Updates

About RWA Inc.

RWA Inc. bridges traditional finance and blockchain technology by tokenizing real-world assets, enhancing accessibility and liquidity. Our comprehensive ecosystem offers a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for democratizing asset ownership, empowering investors, fund managers, and financial institutions to leverage Web3 technologies. With full regulatory compliance and a robust suite of products, we create new opportunities for growth, liquidity, and financial inclusion. RWA Inc. is setting the global standard for asset management and ownership in the digital age.

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