May 7, 2024

Meet the RWA Inc. Dream Team

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RWA Inc. continues to seek out and recruit the brightest, most capable minds across the Fin-Tech and blockchain sectors. These individuals bring decades of real-life market experience to the project. Their efforts will help guide RWA Inc. through the nuances of the tokenization landscape and ensure success.

Here are the people, who power RWA Inc. and ensure it remains a community-led effort:

Positioned for Success

RWA Inc. has taken great care to find and recruit like-minded professionals, who share our vision. Each team member has been recognized, as an industry thought leader and has the skills and potential to drive adoption forward. These individuals strengthen RWA Inc.’s structure and will guide it along the journey toward becoming the premier tokenization ecosystem globally.

Kevin Yunai

CEO & Founder of MIRSK

CEO & Founder of RWA Inc. [$RWA]

RWA Inc. can effortlessly navigate the business landscape using guidance from Kevin Yunai. Yunai is an established professional in the tech sector, who has helped create and cultivate innovative blockchain solutions in the past. Now, his full attention is on making RWA Inc. the premier tokenization platform in the Web2 space.

Yunai is a pioneering force in the Web2 market. His years of experience in tech and finance provide the community with a unique perspective. Importantly, he possesses the vision to spot trends and market movements before most. As such, Yunai serves a pivotal role in helping RWA Inc. avoid mistakes and other common pitfalls startups face.

Yunai is a recognized force in the market. He has facilitated $20M USD in public funding for the first ever speech recognition software, built and designed for doctors.

These efforts ensured, that he is one of the most established professionals in the space.

Yunai successfully founded, managed and sold multiple platforms; including Yunai Design and Marketing ($3M USD) and MIRSK Digital ($15M USD). These accomplishments are in addition to his writing career. Yunai is a published author, who has released books on Bitcoin’s inner workings. This combination of experience, skill and an innovative perspective, is exactly what RWA Inc. needs to remain ahead of the competition.

Yunai is an expert at navigating tech markets and helping platforms rise to the top. RWA Inc. is honored to have him to help guide our journey forward.

You can check out his bio here.

Mike Storm

COO & Co-founder at Neurons

COO & Partner RWA Inc. [$RWA]

Mike Storm has helped drive the web2 market to new heights over his years of operations. His innovative approach to neuromarketing helped his firm, Neuron, go from a startup to one of the premier options in the market today.

You can see this growth when you examine Neuron’s expansive network of strategic partners which now includes TikTok, Google, IKEA, VISA, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

Storm honed his marketing and business skills over the last decade into a precise tool, that can pinpoint opportunities, when they are at their peak. His eye for efficient solutions for today’s major market problems has made Storm one of the most sought-after executives in the Web2 space.

Storm has an impressive list of accolades, that include securing $20M USD to improve Neurons infrastructure. He first joined the blockchain movement in 2015, as a hobby, and has become a major participant through his steady commitment to democratizing the economy.

Storm currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Neurons. Additionally, he acts as RWA Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer and Partner. Here, his experience will help guide our efforts in the web3 space. RWA Inc. is honored to have Storm on our side to help build a thriving web2 economy.

You can learn more about Mike Storm here.

James Ditmore

Prior COO Danske Bank

Chairman RWA Inc. [$RWA]

James Ditmore is an established professional in the financial sector. He currently serves vital positions at some of the most reputable firms in the industry including as the EVP of JPMorgan Chase, CIO of Barclays, CTO of Allstate, COO of Danske Bank and COO of The Bank of London.

Ditmore brings +10 years of financial expertise to the team, as he has worked with some of the biggest names in the world throughout his business career. During that time, Ditmore expanded his network and gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and transparent executives in the financial sector.

Ditmore’s expertise will help RWA Inc. successfully navigate the intricate financial landscapes. His guidance will ensure RWA Inc.’s foundation is built on robust financial management, compliance and innovative banking solutions. We look forward to working with this reputable expert to bring a new level of efficiency and transparency to the market.

You can learn more about Ditmore here.

Join the Team

RWA Inc. is on the lookout for established professionals seeking to make a change. Those, who share a common goal to create a more transparent and open economy, should reach out and see where they fit into the community. Developers, investors and users all have much to gain from RWA Inc.’s unique approach to the market.

RWA Inc. — Transforming the Digital Economy through Innovation

We truly believe that the people make the project. As such, we are thrilled to have such a reputable team driving RWA Inc.’s innovation forward.

If you have, what it takes and are interested in joining the RWA Inc. team, click here.