May 7, 2024

Introducing RWA Inc. Advisors


Elliot Hagemeijer

Elliot Hagemeijer, Co-Founder and CEO of, stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. His platform empowers Web3 entrepreneurs through cutting-edge DeFi solutions and extensive project support. Hagemeijer remains central to the cultivation of Decubate as an ecosystem, designed to facilitate collaborative growth and innovation among +100 Web3 ventures.

A seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor deeply immersed in cryptocurrency since 2016, Elliot’s significant roles across the ecosystem highlight his profound expertise in tokenomics and go-to-market strategies.

Additionally, his accomplishments confirm his stature as a pivotal visionary in the field.

By joining the advisory board of RWA Inc., Elliot extends his rich tapestry of knowledge and experience towards our unified goal of seamlessly integrating real-world assets with blockchain technology. This synergistic relationship will further innovation and success in the decentralized economy.

Jeff Nowak

The RWA Inc. team is honored to welcome Jeff as our newest advisor. His specific skill set is exactly, what the ecosystem needs to secure a dominant position in the tokenization sector. Jeff’s innovative mindset and drive for success helped him to make Maven Capital one of the premier crypto startup advisors in the market.

Years of assisting startups in navigating the nuances of the crypto space have given Jeff a unique perspective on what it takes for a project to succeed. Notably, his team successfully guided dozens of popular decentralized startups. As such, they remain a pioneering force in the market today.

Under the lead of Jeff, Maven Capital has successfully provided financial, technical, and legal support to some of the most innovative platforms available today. His experience, network and proven track record of success make Jeff an ideal addition to the RWA Inc. dream team.

Jens Willemen

Jens secured his reputation as an innovator after co-founding Kairon Labs. Here, his profound knowledge of insurance and finance helped to introduce ethical market-making services in the crypto sector. Jens’ leadership has propelled Kairon Labs to become a premier algorithmic trading solutions provider.

Today, Kairon Labs services +100 exchanges worldwide and continues to pioneer the vibrant and thriving crypto markets under Jens’ guidance. His years of experience will meld perfectly with the other key members of the RWA Inc. team. Together this expertise will help guide our efforts as a market front-runner.

As part of the RWA Inc. advisory board, Jens’s visionary approach to market-making and unique crypto trading strategies promise to drive our mission to integrate real-world assets seamlessly into the blockchain. Undeniably, Jens is a powerful addition to the team that demonstrates the growing momentum behind the tokenization movement.

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